All of our fittings conducted have resulted in a specification other than standard, therefore "Custom is our Standard". The probability of ending up with a 35", 70 degree lie and 4 degree loft, 350g headweight from most golf stores is pretty high, but very unlikely this is optimal for you.

By using the Quintic Ball Roll Research System, high speed camera and computer analysis, we can best determine how attributes of your new putter need to be setup to maximise consistency of your stroke and roll of the ball.

Our exclusive fitting process is designed to look at all aspects that contribute to how you stroke your putter. Different setups will have an effect on how you aim, stroke, strike and consequently how you roll the putt.

The Fine-Tuned fitting matrix has over 30,000 configurations:

  • Head Shape and Alignment lines

  • Head and overall weight

  • Neck offset and Rotation axis

  • Lie angle

  • Loft

  • Length

  • Grip

Find out how one of our high performance putter fittings can help take strokes off your game.